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Welcome to the Wheel of Time PC game website.  

Download a new copy of the game HEREAll patches are applied, new masterservers are accounted for, and no CD is required to run!

WoT will always survive :)  

Please note that it may take some time for me to reply to any topic posted on the forums, although I WILL get round to it (normally within a few days).

I have tried to gather as many old maps and files as possible. If you feel like you have some unique files, I would really appreciate it if you could send them to me using this link. 

Serverwatch's new link here

Facebook page here 

 NEW subreddit here 

Last Edited: 25/03/16 

NEWS (15/07/14)



In anticipation of gamespy shutting down their master server we have created our own!

Either redownload the game from this website here, or follow the steps in this tutorial to update stock wheel of time to use the new masterservers. (Link pending) 


NEWS (21/12/2013)

All Downloads have been fixed!

An website for the Salidar server has been made. This gives access to all maps hosted on the server, all mods hosted on the server and how to vote for them.

Check it out here.  

NEWS (16/07/2013)

Downloads are currently down - I am in the process of relocating them - everything should be fixed soon.


However in the meantime - here is a link to the game for download 

NEWS (22/04/2013)

A new IRC has been created:

irc.freenode.net #wotgame 

Look in the tutorials section to gain access to this channel.

NEWS (17/03/2013)

There is a new facebook group! The old one was taken down, but WoT will live on!

try: THIS LINK to join! Arrage games with players and check out the discussion on the remake of WoT!


There are still games being played!

Just try to arrange a game with the group or wait for one to be made!

NEWS (old)

IF you are playing the game from your own copy of wheel of time, and you cant see any servers, you may not be patched! Either download the Tiny multiplayer version, install the patch located in the downloads section, or wait for the full version avaliable for download (coming soon).


For any other downloads go to the downloads page (left), leave a request in the forums or guestbook, or just message me, and ill stick a link up.